Some years ago, mathematics was taken as a tough subject, and it was studied only after upper elementary grades. Hence, parents did not focus much on the subject, other than the counting numbers. However, the times have changed, and babies are now born with a powerful number sense, and the age of 1 to 4, can be considered as an age for developing math foundation. Parents often get scared for teaching their kids math in such a young age. However, there are some good tips to learn this subject easily.

As mentioned above, children are never expected to learn addition, subtraction and multiplication at the time of joining school. Additionally, forcing a child to learn a particular subject can lead to harmful results. The best way to teach a child math is by using the same blueprint, we use for learning a new language. The entire family unit has to work together for the betterment of child education. Initially, children are interested for school, because they are excited to read and write. There are several parents around the world, who give them the foundation for reading/writing, and the required self-confidence.

In this article, I will highlight best ways for kids to learn mathematics.

  1. Lot of Exposure- The foundation of language development is by reading and writing the same language. Initially, you should try to develop a solid foundation. Hence, when you are reading to your child, try to include a lot of numbers in any way. There are some good books like Baby Einstein early reader book, which involves numbers and calculations. You can research your local public library to find the availability of such books. However, these goods books have less availability, and you will find less option. Alternatively, you can use images book for discussing about numbers. You can also count clouds or star in the sky for numbering purposes.

Numbers are present everywhere around you, and you can see them on license plates, sign boards, addresses etc. Additionally, you can make them count cars, dogs, houses etc. This develop their interest in counting and numbers. Your child will learn the numbering sequence, and would associate numbers with objects. This association is really important for the proper foundation.

  1. Kids studyingInvolving everyone with Family- There are some members in our family, who are excellent with numbers, and capable of solving a difficult question in minutes. You can take help from senior members, cousins, uncle and friends for help with this subject. Additionally, there are some members with whom, your kids love to spend their time. When they impart their knowledge, nothing can match your young one interests. Additionally, they can help them with the below point.
  2. Encouragement and Reinforcement- Parents are considered as the biggest source of patience and encouragement for their maths for year 5young ones. Your patience and encouragement should develop an “I can read and learn” attitude for them, and your bonding would surely reflect on their results. Mathematics just requires same efforts like other subjects, and with sufficient interest, the effort is less. Children should understand that learning math is the most important subject in their curriculum, and most of the career options would require strong knowledge of the subject. This understanding is not possible without the support of the family.


Some children are too interested about this subject, and they find easy dealing with numbers. Alternatively, if you are not feeling the same for your young one, then it is time to create a strong foundation. The above tips should be implemented with much care, and it should stay, even if the results are not good.

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